Obsidian CLI enables you to conveniently access your vault from the terminal, without having to navigate to the vault folder or provide the full file path. Simply enter the name of the desired note, and the CLI will take care of the rest.

create note

Create Note

Effortlessly create new notes by typing the desired note name. Additionally, you can update existing notes using the convenient --overwrite or --append flags.

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Open Note

# opens cake.md from default vault
$ obs open cake
# opens cookies.md from recipes vault
$ obs open cookies --vault other-vault

Open notes in Obsidian by simply typing the note name, regardless of their location within the vault.

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Search Note

# Opens with search query in default vault
$ obs search stars
# Opens with search query in other-vault
$ obs search stars --vault other-vault

Perform text searches with ease, Obsidian will open with the query results displayed in the search tab.

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Delete Note

# Deletes the note in default vault
$ obs delete abc
# Deletes the note in other-vault
$ obs delete abc --vault other-vault

Deleting a note is just as straightforward as creating one.

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move note

Move Note

Relocate notes by specifying the current and new paths, and watch as linked notes are automatically updated. Notes can also be renamed in the same way!

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